Want to study abroad, get set go!

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  • October 16, 2015
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Want to study abroad, get set go!

If studying abroad is your dream, then get yourself ready with a list of things you need to consider beforehand.

Get to know- Give yourself some time to figure out Why, Where,What and When of studying abroad. Do some research, do a lot of reading or take guidance from anyone having sound knowledge about such an experience.

Why do you want to study abroad?

Do you like to travel a lot and studying abroad is like a passport to the world? Do you think that living abroad as a student can prove significant in discovering yourself? Do you think its a great choice to add value to your education portfolio and enhance your career prospects? There are numerous benefits of studying abroad and identify your reasons to have a clear perspective on the goal of your study.

Where do you want to study?

Your decision on choosing a study destination depends on various factors based on popularity of a country and its educational systems, its native language, weather conditions, a business capital over a capital or a small town, central business district area or away from it,  type of programs available and their affordability, part time work options, cluster of specific industries location and employment opportunities. Gather appropriate information about the location of your study for better understanding.  

What do you want to study abroad?

Do you want to study the course different from what you have studied earlier or want to expand your skills in the area of your interest, what drives you to take a specific course and what are you achieving from your course are some of the requistes of this selection.

When do you want to study?

Which part of the year you want to start your studies at International Universities? When your academic session starts ? Is it summer,autumn,spring,winter season when you reach there ? Plan ahead accordingly.

Set forward – You have done extensive research by this time and are now clear to apply for admission based on your chosen country,university and its available course. If you have not involve your parents by now, do let them know about your choices. This will give them time to arrange finances for your studies either on their own or through Bank.

Go- You are now in the stage of visa approval, if it hasn’t come through don’t worry, it will but are you prepared for the last minute? Have you temporary arranged your flight tickets, are you writing down the necessary items you need to carry, have you given assurance to your parents that you are feeling fine. All is well? GO!


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