About Us

Edunrol is an overseas education consulting, where invaluable guidance and extensive support is provided to every aspiring student planning to studyabroad. Today,many students are opening up to pursue a degree in a foreign land on one hand and on the other, the world of international universities are looking to recruit Indian students. This spread is no doubt bringing a boom of information around. But are the students picking the most appropiate and relevant options out of numerous courses,universities,countries?

Edunrol­- an initiative emerged from dedicated years of experience in international education; have internationally well trained and professional expertise, wealth of knowledge, honest and transparent approach in transforming the complexities of international education enrolment into a smooth and memorable journey for every student.

The prime role of Edunrol is to concentrate on 5 e ‘s of education abroad.


Here the student is given a platform to explore about varied study opportunities available worldwide.This awareness will give him the direction and clarity about studying abroad avenues.


The student is given an atmosphere of attention and assistance to educate himself about different courses available in universities and theircareers outcome. This encouragement leads him to choose the best course fit.


Through personalised counselling, the pre application, the application and enrolment procedures are made simple, hassle free and result oriented.


The student begins to study at a destination of his choice but his life changing experience begins right here at Edunrol through our approach.If the student takes first few steps wisely keeping in view the different parameters of studying abroad, the learning becomes exciting than struggling and enjoyable than challenging.:


As we believe in building and maintaining a long term relationship with all our students, we want to ensure to stay connected with them after they reach their respective universities, during their course of studies,after completion of degrees and in their future career approaches.This provides them a link to contact us anytime for further information and queries.

Services we offer

  • Quality and content driven career counselling where core focus is the prospective student. The student profile is assessed carefully by keeping in view the key elements of academic, work, financial background; his interests and future aspirations; all are studied in a personalised career sessions to undepin the right course in a university abroad.
  • While choosing a course, the student is trained to source and extract information for himself so that he is well equipped with the correct knowledge about the outcome of his choices.
  • All processess of Admissions to Enrolments­ Precise and well presented applications are submitted to universities for getting admissions in the most suitable course at a university of a desired country.
  • Visa assistance­ The demanding visa formalities are discussed in detail for applying well documented and accurate visa applications. Visa Interview handling techniques are shared when ever necessary.
  • Value added services ­ After visa, one has to perform a lot of otherformalities like flight booking, arranging currencies and other travel preparation, Edunrol strives the student reaches the destination with a bag full of necessary information and confidence.

Vision: To deliver the superior quality services by bringing the right match between the student, his choice of course AND the International universities.

Mission : To enrich every student learning experience that accelerate further into a most rewarding, successful and satisfying career decisions of his life.