Culinary /Hospitality

If food is your passion and its sight, smell, sound, taste, touch drives you to the kitchen for trying different recipes or creating unique dishes for yourself, family and guests,then international culinary program is just right for you!

Culinary/Cookery is about learning international cuisines ­continental, Chinese, Australian,French and many others that caters to every kind of taste buds.The Culinary program abroad gives you an edge to deliver your technical kitchen skills in some of the world’s most excellent food destinations.You can get a chance to learn from world’s finest chefs while studying the course. You will learn about food nutrition and hygiene, food presentation and decoration,packaging and serving.You will closely study about local culture, their flavors,cooking ingredients and produce. If one wants to refine their skills in baking, breads,pastries, desserts, there are specialized courses available to study. If you have that hidden dream of starting your own restaurant, then combining it with hospitality management course will enhance your management caliber to make it happen. Cooking is an art and hospitality industry is the fastest growing service industry and this combination give rise to a lot of fun, creativity and moments of triumph while learning and working. You will bound to have a mouth watery experience throughout for yourself and for others!


When we are talking about hospitality industry, its sister industry travel and tourism can’t be left behind.

Its a vibrant and a diverse field of study and studying it from International Institute will be the most appropriate way to learn. Travelling to another country, meeting multicultural people, understanding their languages, tradition and style,visiting tourist spots,all of these just blend smoothly with the practical nature of the course.Travel and tourism industry has a lot to offer as there is a continuous influx of people travelling from one place to another either for business or travel purpose.Booking and ticketing, how to operate a tour, how to manage a group of travelers, how to market sustainable tourism products,experiences and destinations are mostly covered in the scope of the program.With people experimenting with destinations throughout the year, this course will surely give wings to your career journey!