How many of you have ever thought of entering into media and communication?If you have a flair for creative writing, if your great imagination shapes into compelling stories, if you have a dominant urge to connect with masses, then this course is the answer for you. 

Its popularity and reach has jumped many folds. Online news coverage, social media, blogs are some of the new trends seen in its growth. Media and Communication studies from abroad are quite challenging, competitive and at the same time fast pacing. You will spend most of your time in studios, portfolios and projects. The idea is to develop and polish the practical and conceptual skills in such a refined way where the students can creatively and critically analyse the media about how it reflects,represents and influence the world.It covers traditional and new communication technologies such as print,tele,film,electronic & digital media. While studying this course, you will explore how media act as a source of information, identity and entertainment and how it strengthen your communication skills, widen your creative horizon,deepen your connection with audience!



If your thinking work towards creating the things you look around then design related courses are apt for you. 

The courses offered at universities abroad are animation design, fashion design,product design, interior design,furniture design, industrial design,theater design, urban design, graphic design ,architectural design, fine art . These cutting edge courses are delivered in an environment of outstanding facilities with latest equipment and accessories. The idea is to magnify your creative and intellectual skills.These programs will give you a purpose towards your design direction as you will learn how to use your individuality to create unique design solutions that tackle everyday situations.Designing text and images for visual communication,exploring 2D and 3D narratives and giving a shape to your imagination across a range of mediums through illustrations, sketching,painting,sculpture, model making, printmaking, photography, animation, pro-typing interactions is what you will learn in various sub disciplines which are interconnected yet independent fields.The program gives you a chance to design distinctively and appreciate diversity!