A monetory reward for academic, sports and other unique activities and abilities of a student earns him a scholarship. Although international Universities and colleges are offering scholarships but these are very competitive in nature and one has to strictly follow the guidelines and eligibility criteria before applying. There are different kinds of scholarships available :

1. Student Specific: These are merit based where a student’s previous academic excellence records,remarkable performances in extra curricular activities and contributions towards social or community development are taken into consideration to qualify.

2. Country Specific: Many Countries are offering scholarships to students to pursue a course in that particular country and these are government based scholarships.

3. University Specific: Some of the universities are awarding their individual scholarships for outstanding International students.These are based on academic and personal achievements.These are awarded once the student has enroled.

4. Program or subject Specific: The different faculties of a universities are offering program or subject specific scholarships.

Bursaries for International Students

These are the financial discounts provided by the some of the universities to Indian sudents when applying mostly for full time degree courses and offers approximately 10% reduction in tuition fees for first year for undergraduate programs and 10­-12% for post graduate programs.Some are offered automatically by the universities while sending offer letters for admissions.These are again University and country specific and can be availed  if you apply for admissions there.