Do you always get fascinated and curious at the same time while looking at the world around you? Then a career in Science is what you can look . 

Interaction of Human with environment,society and the use of technology, earth and universe, all are covered under the sky of science at Universities abroad. If you wonder how things work, then science is the course that provides scientific solutions.International Universities are offering varied programs in Science such as Medical and Bio-medical Science, Biotechnology, Environmental science,food sciences, Exercise Science, Health Science, Animal Science, Human Biology, Oral health Science, pharmaceutical science and Nursing. It involves fundamental and specialized conceptual teachings while taking major credits. These studying abroad programs are taught through lots of model and laboratory work,simulation exercises, live demos, with special emphasis on researches. If you want to widen your scope of study, then you can combine Science studies with other disciplines such as engineering, arts, economics, business and law . You are guided under highly qualified and respected practitioners, scientists which makes this course more interesting and lively! Some of the undergraduate science degrees give direct assess to go for Research programs at postgraduate level where substantial work and independent thesis are presented to obtain a degree.


Social Sciences

If you want to study how individual or group behave or how is their relationship with each other, then social sciences is the relevant course to choose overseas. 

Social Sciences is to understand society and its people. Its an academic course and covers different types of disciplines abroad, few common are social policy,economics, international relations and development,criminal modules as a part of the curriculum. These social sciences courses abroad uses contemporary case studies and research ­informed applied teaching, learning and engage students in an intellectually challenging framework for better understanding about its culturally diverse social environments,people behaviours, patterns, needs. Dissertation is included in the courses to give you cutting edge knowledge and wider career prospects. Programs like psychology,  and social work develops your leadership in your specified field and provides you with techniques and abilities to directly connect and contribute towards community development through counselling  and handling social projects.